Sex and death are intimately linked in the natural world, with many examples of predatory females killing and cannibalising their mate after the act. The female draws power from nature’s dark pool, attracting and entrapping her lover-victim, who cannot help but sacrifice himself to this essential feminine power.

AFIRA’s latest collection — three powerful, highly designed outfits to be worn in all of woman’s natural habitats — celebrates nature’s fierce feminine impulse to seduce and devour.

A dip-dyed chiffon dress, sheer sleeves and pleated leather bodice exploding into a full flowing crimson skirt. A boned, soft black leather crinoline-shaped cage skirt, net panels ensnared with trapped insects, contrasted with a soft velvet bodice. A black silk brocade, pencil-fitted dress and fine lace shawl, finely buttoned with accentuating shield panels, sculpted at the hips.

The garments follow nature’s own designs, to attract, entrap and consume — the contemporary independent woman dressed in AFIRA will expect men to fall like butterflies at her feet.

Each garment identifies and explores the elements of the natural mating cycle — from restraint, to awakening, attraction, explosion, then death, mourning, repose and back to restraint. It is the universal tale of lust and loss.

Photography: Rhian Cox | Model: Oh la | Styling: Neha, Afira | Makeup/Hair: Maya Lewis

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