From the dense interiors of Bavarian woods, from the shimmering mirages of Arabian deserts, from the dark valleys of Kashmir mountains and from the canals and alleyways of Europe’s mediaeval cities come stories, of faeries and demons, which tell of tormented beauty and innocence endangered, eternal tales of a childhood wonderland overgrown with twisted vines and punctured with thorns. These primitive narratives of seduction, subversion and spells are inspiration for Afira’s 2011 A/W collection.

It is a warped wonderland where primeval interior blacks are flashed with electric purple, dusty pink, intense violet and silver grey, like faeries caught in a sulphrous camera flash. A Wonderland of silk jersey drapes and chiffon wings, pleated crepe, ruched and slitted sleeves, pannelled leather, spinning silken hems and a mohair hooded cape shot with purple taffeta.

A series of six classic but edgy designs display garments which combine the Afira signature of strength and sexuality with a fresh (and confident) expression of vulnerability.

This is the Afira look, the empowering of the female form through the structures which previously imprisoned it, designed for the contemporary female who sees no contradiction in being both feminine and forceful.

Only when she strays off the worn path into the heart of the forest, does the heroine fuse innocence and experience, sense and sensuality. From the other side of the magic wardrobe, she emerges renewed, reborn.

Photography: Agnes Batacalan | Model: Elina Mitrofanova at Profile | Styling: Afira, Amy Lee | Hair & Makeup: Akgun Manisali |
Words: Vincent O’Connell | Design: Robert Agasucci

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