A 10 step guide to be a Femme Fatale

A 10 step guide to be a Femme Fatale

I suppose you could pass for a starlet. You do have that femme fatale air about you. Like you crush boys dreams in your spare time.

A 10 step guide to be a Femme Fatale

1. Bewitch with your sultry red lips, ‘worship me’ heels and a killer AFIRA wardrobe.

2. Create theatre, embody their fantasy by creating the illusion that you offer variety and adventure.

3. Strive for a glamorous goddess effect, fashioning hair, makeup and clothes to evoke the look and air of Venus Goddess of Love.

4. Learn to mesmerise & fascinate your victim with a seductive stare.

5. Cultivate sexual magnetism by channeling the siren, that captivates her audience with allure and charm.

6. Be mysterious, keep them in suspense. Stay detached, let them do the work.

7. Always deflect blame. Victims are there to absorb the fault.

8. Please yourself, you are all that matters, always.

9. Induce psychological surrender by stirring desire and confusion.

10. Lure your victim with enchantment and control so they fall in love with you.Give pleasure and pain to seduce and destroy.

Afira x


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