ITN’s Cool Edition

AFIRA’s designs were featured in the February 2010 edition of ITN’s Cool Edition, broadcast on YouTube.

On Monday the 15th February, Jenny Holloway, Hayleigh Amos and Vanessa Isaia were filmed by ITN’s Senior Broadcast Journalist – Megan Gerrie and Producer Sally Meeson from ITN’s Cool Edition which is in essence is a fashion/trend programme that goes out to an audience of 11 million in China and Shanghai.
Vanessa Isaia – Fashion Capital’s Trend Predictor was asked to speak about the trends that are emerging for this spring and how four Fashion Enter designers have used these trends for their own collections.

‘Trends are an integral part for any designer wishing to succeed commercially. Without a through grasp of future trends designer collections will look outdated and are less likely to catch the eye of buyers. We source our information directly from world leading trend agency – Trend Union where information is given in the form of a presentation. I then interpret what has been given into mood boards/collection boards and working drawings for our members.’
The third story was on ‘MONObody’: lingerie, but worn over the garments instead of under. This is a very sexy look with emphasis placed on the bodice. Colours are kept monotone in midnight blacks and whites. Designer Afira was used here to bring this trend to life with her couture-styled corset top and skirt.