Blue is in Fashion this Year

AFIRA featured on Italy’s Blue is in Fashion this Year blog.

Six strong statement looks with a palette of intense blacks flashed with rich jewel colours of fuchsia and sapphire. For strong, modern, powerful and sexy women.
If I hadn’t already been conquered by Afira’s lookbook pics (corset outfit in particular) I surely would have been by its presentation, one of the best I’ve read lately. It perfectly reflects the mood of the collection:

Confined, contained, Leather
Layered and laced.
Laced in, laced up.
Silk Ribboned, wrapped, unreleased.
Wrapped lace bound and restrained,
Strapped and buckled
Corseted, cosseted, Cashmere
Caged constrained.
Raw rage Lurex prowling.
Trapped. Unwrapped. Untapped.
Cinched, clinched.
Restrained, retrained, Velvet unbound.”