Beautifully Wicked

Beautifully Wicked

Beautifully Wicked was created by Afira in 2014, as a special commission for a start-up lingerie company. The name, designs and concept were especially created for entrepreneur Rolf Hess, who wished for some years to invest in a lingerie label. The company will start manufacturing in the coming months.

Beautifully Wicked is a luxury lingerie brand committed to combining sensuality and female power, employing distinct personal designs with the highest quality materials and premium standard manufacture.

Afira researched contemporary brands, but also the history of lingerie design and manufacture, in creating this unique and distinctive brand concept.

AFIRA SAYS: I had been thinking about lingerie a lot, about how its entire history has been about the emancipation and empowering of women, freeing them up to express their sexuality. What was clear to me is that lingerie is about making women feel great, it is not oriented to the male buyer -he will buy lingerie of course to please the woman in his life, but the reason women love wearing great undergarments is less to do with pleasing men and more to do with feeling good about themselves and who they are. I was delighted to have the opportunity to put these principles into practice in creating the brand from scratch for a financier who shares this passion.

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